Drupalcamp Timisoara 2010

DrupalCamp Timisoara 2010 videos and presentations. My videos are below.

Facebook like widget for Drupal

I was searching for a module which would extend my site with Facebook like widget. I found Phillip J Rhoades work. It was a good base for me. I changed the 6.x module a little bit;
  • Add theme function.
  • Add setting page. You can set the layout, show faces and color schema.
  • It works only in page view.
  • Add title and site_name meta tag.

Theme helper module

When I make a theme I forgot to format some Drupal stuff. E.g. messages, breadcrumbs, pager, help text etc., things which I don't see every page. I made a little module which adds three types of messages (status, warning and error), help message, breadcrumbs, tabs, pager, HTML content, form and table.

Watch this short video:

Please try this module and tell me what else I should add to it.